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BASF has developed a solid basis for breeding high-quality hybrid leeks through many years of experience – and we’re more than happy to share this knowledge with you. That’s what we call “Growing Together in the Leek Business.”

Perfect uniformity and cleaning capacity with new Flexiton variety

There are two significant aspects to the world of leeks: demand fluctuates often, and minimizing labour is very important. The new Flexiton variety isn’t just a very attractive, compact, and uniform leek, but is also able to respond to these two demands.

First, Flexiton has the most extended field durability among leek varieties, making it highly suitable for processing and marketing at any time – especially interesting when the demand for leeks is lower during the winter. Flexiton is a great addition to any leek assortment, a very good combination with the widely cultivated Pluston. Choose Flexiton when planting earlier in the year, and Pluston for later plantings: this way, you ensure a better spread of labour during transplanting period and you’re able to respond to rapidly changing demand.

Another advantage? Cleaning the Flexiton variety is quick and easy! Tests conducted by BASF mobile cleaning line in different countries and different years show that employees can clean 15% to 20% more leeks per hour compared to other variants


Leek per piece concept

We market our leek varieties per piece, which offers numerous advantages to everyone along the chain:

  • Consumers get a clear picture of what they’re paying for a single leek.
  • The retail sales formulas are higher due to attractive pricing.
  • The retail can manage easier their stock because the work per item.
  • Growers who supply leeks per piece have a more attractive product for the retail.

Solutions for all your markets

Together with our entire leek team, we support all partners in the chain and help them get the most out of cultivation, trade, and consumption. That’s why we offer tailor-made leek solutions for every market. From classic leeks for the fresh market to pre-packaged leeks and from frozen to organic leeks – we have it all!

We follow our leeks throughout the entire cultivation process: from seeds at the plant breeder to fully grown leeks that are ready to be sold. Apart from that, research is of the utmost importance to us. We do research into, for example, new seed treatments, tailor-made cultivation plans, new varieties in the fresh cut, and supporting the

promotion of leek consumption in different regions. This way, we can ensure that there is a leek for every market.

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