Carrots make a solid contribution to a healthy, nutritionally balanced and tasty diet and have universal consumer appeal. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and are loaded with beta-carotene, which our body turns into Vitamin A.

These factors create the widespread and year-round demand for carrots that transcends climatic, geographical and cultural boundaries. Global demand for carrots is still rising, and with the global population anticipated to reach nine billion by 2050, the world’s appetite for these versatile vegetables will continue to grow. 

Carrots are a strategic crop for our company, and we are one of the leading carrot seed producers. BASF Vegetable Seeds has been breeding a diverse assortment of carrots for more than 50 years and has already successfully developed a wide range of top-quality varieties matched to specific global markets. We are working alongside our partners specialized in the genetic science behind breeding carrots with increased yield, quality and disease resistance – to pack all benefits into every seed. The main target of our breeding program is to look for varieties that will give you a high level of output for growers and processors, and enjoyable experiences for consumers.

Covering all segments 

Each and every day across the globe, millions of baby carrots are packed and delivered, especially for consumers that are looking for healthy snacks. Fresh washed carrots are displayed in supermarkets or shipped to foodservice companies. Fresh cut carrots are available in schools and for busy families who want to eat healthy but are always in a hurry. Frozen and canned carrots are bought and stored — ready to be added to a healthy meal in the future.

The fresh carrot market accounts for most of the global production. Varieties within this segment are long-established, traditional, multipurpose favorites. They are sweet and crisp. Growers and retailers strive for a fresh, uniform final product, with good flavor, shape, color and smoothness. Within this segment the specific requirements vary widely country-by country according to agronomic traits and consumer use. We have a wide range of varieties that can be advised and tailored to your need and growing environment.

The cut & peel category requires long and slender roots that have a high output of all diameter cuts. Good flavor and texture are also required to meet consumer expectations. Growers strive for the highest possible yield, while also targeting a high proportion of usable 2” cuts. We aim to provide varieties with a high marketable yield, regional adaptability, foliage strength, highly resistant to disease and bolting, excellent flavor, color and texture, and excellent seed quality. We offer a robust selection of varieties that provide one-stop solutions.

For the colored carrot market, we aim to achieve a full spectrum of refined colored carrots to meet the evolving consumer interests. Red, yellow, purple, white, cream, and orange-colored roots catch the eye of consumers daily wanting unique options. These colored carrots are especially fun to cook with and are distinctly different in flavor, texture, appearance, and nutritional properties. We understand the agronomic challenges of growing these unique and exotic varieties and are committed to tackling the challenges with innovative and targeted efforts.

While carrots are a leading seller in the vegetable category, they rely on the whole industry, working as one, to add value and stay ahead of the game. At BASF’s vegetable seed business, we’ve always worked alongside our partners specializing in the genetic science behind breeding carrots, to pack all benefits into every Nunhems seed. Breeding carrots that have an increased yield, overall quality, and disease resistance. Products with the great taste and nutritional value, from a source that treats people and the planet responsibly.