Key USP's of Arjith Hot Pepper

  • Intermediate resistance to Chilli  Leaf Curl Virus (ChiLCV)
  • Less Internodal distance 
  • Good fruit colour (ASTA -87)
  •  Good pungency (SHU – 42000)
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Nunhems Introduces Arjith: a new variety of dry chilli seeds

With intermediate resistance to Leaf Curl Virus & Good output trait

Introducing Arjith, a new variety of seeds in the chilli portfolio of Nunhems. Arjith is a Sanskrit word that means ‘to gain’. It comes with a semi-erect plant structure promising chilli measuring 8 to 9 cms in length with a girth of 1.3 to 1.5 cms. Backed by BASF’s state-of-art Research and development centre (R&D), Arjith aims to revolutionize red chilli cultivation.

Arjith is a seed that promises high yield accompanied by enhanced profit margins for the farmers and traders alike. The key highlights of the seed include:

●       Intermediate resistance to Chilli Leaf Curl Virus ChiLCV.

●       Less intermodal distance.

●       Good fruit colour (ASTA - 87)

●       Good pungency (SHU – 42000)

The shorter intermodal distance, along with intermediate resistance to the virus will ensure greater yield in every picking cycle — a characteristic that promises towering profits for the farmers. The colour of the fruit and good pungency are cornerstones of Arjith. Consequently, the demand for the chilli is expected to surge amongst traders and consumers alike. Ideal for red chilli cultivation, Arjith is surmised to grab the attention of traders, processors and blenders.

Arjith will be introduced PAN India with special focus on Andhra Pradesh & Telangana markets from 1st June 2021. 


With a history of 100+ years globally and 25 years in India, the BASF vegetable seeds brand Nunhems is dedicated to producing best in class market-oriented varieties and seed products that fulfill the dreams and enrich the lives of customers.