High wire cultivation

Did you know that cucumbers have been cultivated for the past 3,000 years? Originating in India, they found their way to Europe and America and are now cultivated all over the world in different types: short or long, smooth or spiny, and ranging from dark to light green in color. In the last few years, economic sustainability has come to occupy center stage in the world of cucumber cultivation.

One of the most important developments in this area is a state-of-the-art growing system known as high wire cultivation. 

White paper series 'The only way is up'

With the special white paper series 'The only way is up' Nunhems wants to share its long-term experience and expert knowledge about significant high wire related topics. Experienced high wire growers and newcomers, but also consultants, traders and retailers will find valuable background knowledge, market information as well as tips and tricks. 


On the Way to Smart, Automated and Consumer-oriented Cucumber Growing

Looking Ahead to 2030 and 2050

In whitepaper # 4 of the BASF’s series high-wire cucumber whitepapers entitled ‘On the Way to Smart, Automated and Consumer-oriented Cucumber Growing’ sketches an image of the cucumber  cultivation of the future. It focuses on cultivation-related topics such as labor, food safety, crop protection and sustainability and touches on the changes in the run-up to 2030 and on to 2050. It also sheds light on the consumer side, demonstrating how recent consumer trends will move cucumbers out of the commodity and how this will impact the cultivation in high-tech greenhouses.


A bright future ahead

The Expansion of Artificial Lighting in Cucumber High-Wire Cultivation

In this third white paper we discuss the reasons for and the consequences of the use of artificial lighting in cucumber cultivation. We look at the technology, the solutions for cultivation, and the developments in various cultivation areas around the world. 

Artificial lighting enables growers to ensure year-round supply, it leads to an increase in production and high product quality, and it responds to the demand for “local for local” products and a diversity of products. 


From Consumer Trends to Market Opportunities

How Short Cucumbers are Conquering the World

In this second whitepaper, we look into: 

  • the recent trends in consumer markets 
  • the key drivers behind the growth of short cucumber consumption in Europe and North America 
  • how these trends and market drivers can be translated into business opportunities for cucumbers, especially the short types. 

It also provides a brief explanation of the agronomical and technical aspects of the production of short cucumbers in a high wire system.


How to start up and optimize your high wire cultivation

A special guide for cucumber entrepreneurs

In this first white paper we look into:

  • What means high wire for cucumbers? 
  • What are the benefits and disadvantages? 
  • How can growers optimize their growing processes? 

These questions are answered by Tom Koot, expert for high wire cultivation at BASF.

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