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Delivering Innovation for the total Vegetable Seeds supply chain - from grower to consumer.

BASF Vegetable Seeds is committed to bringing innovation to all of our customers, from growers to consumers.


Integrated breeding

We call our process of innovative product development “Integrated Breeding” - the combination of plant breeders’ knowledge with state-of-the-art technology and emerging science.

“Our Research and Development (R&D) department combines cutting edge technologies with green fingers. We develop vegetable varieties that help our customers grow safe and healthy food, with less resources, beating pest and diseases, growing reliably come rain or shine, and that delight the consumer eating it.”

Andreas Sewing

Vice President of R&D Vegetable Seeds

Innovation Focused Strategy

With the extensive knowledge created and shared through our Integrated Breeding approach, you can expect more than excellent variety development. We’re also excited to focus on the following areas:

Growing Technology and Automation
We have expertise with cutting edge technologies such as high-tech greenhouses, hydroponics, and indoor farming. And we’re constantly searching for new areas to explore.
Differentiating Traits for Consumers
We develop all our varieties with customers and consumers in mind, focusing on traits that will improve the growing and eating experience.
Sustainability solutions for farmers and growers
We provide solutions to help our customers produce fruits and vegetables sustainably for a healthy planet.
We invest in our digital transformation to be able to make data-driven decisions.
We collaborate with the best partners to explore and develop innovative new ideas.