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Vegetables People Love

Vegetables People Love

Our motivation is to make healthy eating enjoyable and sustainable by offering vegetable solutions that meet and raise the consumer’s demands and expectations. We achieve this by creating improved varieties using state-of-the-art breeding practices and by working closely with partners throughout the vegetable value chain. Pro-actively contributing to increasing and enriching vegetable consumption through innovations that are healthy, enjoyable and sustainable. 

Focused African American senior botanists concentrates while stuying plant life in a greenhouse laboratory. He is dropping liquid into a test tube. He is holding a clipboard. A microscope is on the table. Green plants surround him. He is wearing a white lab coat and protective  gloves.

Find out the stories behind Vegetables People Love


Breeding for Flavor

In vegetable breeding, it is common to focus on features like yield, resistance and shelf-life to support growers and satisfy retailers. But what about the people eating our fruits and vegetables? For them, we have another focus: flavor!

Píngo Doce. The sweet fruits of collaboration. 

Golmar Neto, Crop Sales Manager Melon & Watermelon South America, had one big vision when he joined BASF: to make Brazilians love Nunhems’ compact and seedless watermelon Pingo Doce – so rich in flavor you only had to try it once to fall for this variety. He soon realized that it would take more than just the fruit to develop a brand people could love. He had to find the right partners to grow and sell it – and they needed to cooperate.

Digital phenotyping – Taking Plant Breeding to Another Level

For centuries, breeders have spent much of their time collecting measurements of their plants’ features, or phenotypic data, in order to breed better varieties and, ultimately, produce better food for all of us. Today, technological progress gives them a new tool for this process: Digital Phenotyping. Now, breeders can use Digital Phenotyping to collect more data of higher quality, often even saving time in the process.

Violì. A journey to the tender heart of Italian values.

Thanks to the constant innovation of BASF breeders and close collaboration with three prominent Italian growers we get to enjoy Violì; an artichoke with unique benefits.

Other partnering solutions

Our global presence has helped us develop a vast network of expertise that we apply to our breeding and innovation as well as to help with customer challenges and requirements that arise now and in the future.