16 March 2020
United Kingdom

20 Years High Wire Cucumber Event

To pack or not to pack?

We live in a time of reflecting our behavior and habits to secure the quality of life for the generations to come. Topics such as sustainability, environmental protection, and waste reduction do not only play a crucial role in the public debate but also lead to a change in our shopping and consumption behavior. Recent studies show that consumers are increasingly opting for products that create as little packaging waste as possible. As a result, more and more supermarkets are offering unpacked products or replace specific types of packaging on their shelves with a focus on avoidance of plastics.

We at BASF Vegetable Seeds are engaged in this transition and organized a ‘Morning Snack
’, during Fruit Logistica 2020 in Berlin. During this session, Anne Jancic (Marketing and Business Development High Tech at BASF Vegetable Seeds) and guest speaker Victoria Wessolowski (coordinating BASF’s Industry Team Packaging Europe) took cucumber enthusiasts from all over the world onto a journey into consumers’ eyes and shared facts & figures around sustainable packaging. Afterwards there was time for Q&A. Lead by Account Manager Cucumber Rens Muusers, the group discussed about the challenges they are facing, accompanied with some delicious cucumber snacks.

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For more information, please contact your local sales representative of BASF Vegetable Seeds or Anne Jancic,
Marketing and Business Development High Tech

This 'Morning Snack Session' is one of the many events BASF Vegetable Seeds organizes in 2020 to celebrate our successful role in the development of high-wire cultivation for cucumbers over the past twenty years. Through various knowledge sessions, master classes, and events, we hope to inspire cucumber enthusiasts with the fresh future together.

Q&A around sustainable packaging

Last Update 17 March 2020