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A Swedish view on high-wire winter production with automatic lowering system

Roy Rosendahl from Klagstorps Grukodling is one of the very few Swedish cucumber growers who are running winter production under lights. 

9 years ago, Rosendahl changed from tomatoes to cucumbers. It was not a very big step for him, but growing cucumbers is surely tougher than growing tomatoes. “These plants grow 65 up to 75 centimeters per week in summertime. And the tomatoes maybe did 25. So, it is a much, much bigger challenge”, Roy says. 

This is one of the reasons why he equipped his greenhouse with an automatic lowering system. “It means that you have about 60 meters on the roll. And you can lower the whole line in one shot”, he explains. “This also means that there has to be a very even temperature in the greenhouse because otherwise the plants grow much more on one side than on the other.”

Rosendahl explains the benefits of a lighted high-wire cucumber crop: “It is the perfect combination for better fruit quality and to avoid problems with mycosphaerella”.  He believes that the Swedish market for winter production has opportunities to develop further, “but the investment in lights is very high so you need to be sure to get a fixed price for the cucumbers”, he adds.  

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It’s been already in the 1990s that growers tried cultivating cucumbers in high wire tomato greenhouses, but it took the industry some more years to make it a real success. Today high wire cucumber growing has become the state-of-the-art system in many countries, giving the opportunity for market-oriented production, further optimization and automation.

At BASF Vegetable Seeds we are proud of being a vital part in this development. Together with you, we want to celebrate these 20 successful years in high wire cucumber cultivation in 2020. We will to take you with us on a thrilling journey from the past to the future. We will exchange our knowledge in stories, videos, masterclasses, network at several events and become even more inspired about the endless opportunities of cucumbers. 2020 will be full of surprises for all of us.

Let’s join and celebrate together.

Last Update 20 August 2020