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Thank you for 20 years high-wire cucumbers

At BASF we are proud to have played a vital role in the development of high wire cucumbers. In 2020 we celebrated 20 years of successful high-wire cucumber cultivation by sharing stories and video interviews with a diverse range of people around the globe and from different perspectives.


But how will the next 20 years in high-wire cultivation look like?

Watch this video and enjoy one more time these interesting stories and experiences and also how we look at the future and can create new, exciting stories together with you in the next twenty years in high-wire cucumber cultivation.


Thank you all for joining us on this interesting journey from the past to the future!

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It’s been already in the 1990s that growers tried cultivating cucumbers in high wire tomato greenhouses, but it took the industry some more years to make it a real success. Today high wire cucumber growing has become the state-of-the-art system in many countries, giving the opportunity for market-oriented production, further optimization and automation.

At BASF Vegetable Seeds we are proud of being a vital part in this development. Together with you, we want to celebrate these 20 successful years in high wire cucumber cultivation in 2020. We will to take you with us on a thrilling journey from the past to the future. We will exchange our knowledge in stories, videos, masterclasses, network at several events and become even more inspired about the endless opportunities of cucumbers. 2020 will be full of surprises for all of us.

Let’s join and celebrate together.

Last Update 23 December 2020