United Kingdom
22 December 2022

BASF’s vegetable seeds business organizes five Nunhems demos in week 39 in the Netherlands

The five crops will be presented on four demo fields: Spinach and Lettuce in ‘s Gravenzande, Leek, Carrot and Celeriac nearby Nunhem.

It’s almost that time of the year: we have chosen a new approach, which will allow you to visit multiple demos: trials of leeks, carrots, lettuce, spinach, and celeriac are waiting for you. Our sales specialists are eager to answer all your questions and show you our most recent developments.

What can you expect?                                                                             

We have shaken thinks up this year: we have invested in connecting the setup of our crop demos Four demo fields, five crops, all Nunhems. With this new approach, you can enjoy an overview of alle we have to offer and easily visit multiple demos. And just like last year, you can schedule an appointment, either live in the demo field or digitally.

The demos are set up as personal meetings with our sales specialists. They’re eager to show you everything about new markets, new concepts, and better and stronger varieties of our vegetables. With personal meetings we can guarantee that our specialists have plenty of time to answer your questions.

Five demos with unique new concepts

We’ll be displaying all commercial and promising trial varieties. All demos will have their own unique highlights, while showcasing what BASF does for the entire vegetable value chain.


First up: spinach and lettuce (demo field ‘s Gravenzande). During the demo days, you can visit our outdoor fields and our experimental greenhouse. We’ll show you around the breeding and selecting process for TeenLeaf and the Green Automation System in our experimental greenhouse. Visitors can also see trials across multiple growing systems and densities. The outdoor fields will display how we contribute to the mechanical harvest of iceberg lettuce. As the cherry on top, you’ll be able to check out our lettuce single leaf concept and our portfolio of spinach with full resistance against diseases.


Our carrot demo (demo field nearby Nunhem) focus on the new Florance F1 and Allyance F1 varieties. And we’ll be sharing our passion for carrots by demonstrating our total carrot portfolio, with varieties for every market segment.


Our leek demo (demo field nearby Nunhem) will showcase the new Flexiton F1 variety, and we’ll discuss our ´leek per piece´ concept.


Last but not least: celeriac (demo field nearby Nunhem). During this demo, visitors can view our assortment of celeriac hybrids. We also want to highlight our solutions for the storage market – particularly our Dukiz F1, Markiz F1, and Codex F1 varieties.

Flexiton F1: Uniform quality leek, suits very well for the single piece market

Allyance F1: The new generation of attractive carrot with a high resistance package

Dukiz F1: The new hybrid for long storage

There’s something for everyone in the Nunhems demo days.
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Let’s discover new varieties and concepts together – and discuss market and customer trends to make sure every growing season is successful. We’re eager to receive your feedback and inspire each other. So, together, we’ll be able to provide enjoyable, healthy, and sustainable vegetables for everyone, now and in the future.


Are you interested in one or more of our crop demos?

Please reach out to your Vegetables Seeds sales specialists and book your personal appointment.

For more information, please check our website www.nunhems.com/demodays2022