BASF | Nunhems
29 May 2024

New race Peronospora Effusa (PE: 20) Nominated

Downy mildew, also known as Peronospora effusa, stands as a prevalent fungal infection for spinach growers.

The International Working Group for Peronospora effusa (Pe) (IWGP) focuses on denomination of new races of the spinach downy mildew pathogen. In 2023, many Pe isolates with a new virulence pattern were reported from the USA and Europe, leading to the designation of race Pe: 20. This new race poses a significant threat to the global spinach industry, requiring resistance measures.

Spinach is a key crop in BASF’s portfolio. Providing best-in-class solutions to our customers is always our priority. Pe resistance is a key trait in our spinach breeding program. We are continuously monitoring the development of Peronospora within our future varietal breeding.

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