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An assortment of Celeriac Hybrids

BASF carries a wide variety of celeriac hybrids, providing growers with a year-round supply. Every celeriac hybrid has a more compact root system, healthy leaves, a round shape, and are highly resistant against Septoria.

These characteristics provide great benefits for growers: the healthy leaves, for example, ensure that cultivation requires less crop protection. Additionally, the celeriac’s round shape and compact root system facilitates efficient and easy harvesting and less labour at the cleaning line. This means higher returns for growers, but also benefits the consumer, as the round shape and smaller size of these hybrids are more popular on the market.


Solutions for the storage market

Nowadays, celeriac is available in supermarkets for the entire year, so you want to be able to supply this demand. The solution? Celeriac that can be stored all year round.

BASF has been busy testing celeriac variants for the past three years. The conclusion we’ve drawn from these tests? The Markiz F1 and Codex F1 varieties have a long storability if planted later in the year with higher stand density. Are you looking to plant early in the year? Then the stable but slower-growing Dukiz F1 variety might be what you’re looking for. Together we can ensure a delicious supply of celeriac all your round, now as well as in the future.

Download our Hybrid Celeriac leaflet