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20 years high-wire cucumbers

20 years high-wire cucumbers Growers had already started cultivating cucumbers in greenhouses for high-wire tomato cultivation back in the 1990s. But to turn this into a true success, the sector needed a few more years. Nowadays, high-wire cultivation for cucumbers is seen as a system fit for today and tomorrow in many countries.


BASF is proud to have played a vital role in this development. That’s why we decided to share stories and video interviews with a diverse range of people around the globe, so that we could turn 2020 into a celebration of the twenty-year success story of high-wire cultivation for cucumbers.


By clicking on the tiles, you can look back at the stories and experiences we’ve created together in 2020 and honor twenty years of high-wire cucumber cultivation.


2020 was a year in which we reflected on the past twenty years, but also on how our future may look. In the spring of 2021, we’ll be sharing our thoughts with you about the cucumber greenhouse of the future. We hope to have many interactive discussions with our customers and partners on this topic and create new, exciting stories over the next twenty years.