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Cucumbers in high-wire cultivation with minimal energy consumption

Now that energy prices have been unprecedentedly high for some time and there is no prospect of normalization any time soon, growers are being forced to drastically reduce their energy consumption.


With 3 videos we follow the trials with cucumbers in high-wire cultivation with minimal energy consumption at trial station Botany in the Netherlands. The aim of the trials is a successful high wire cultivation at a drastic reduction of the energy input, which amounts to a halving of the gas consumption to 10 m3/m2/year and a power consumption of maximum 100 kW/m2 for full LED illumination (95%) and dehumidification (5%). The light intensity of the dimmable LED system is reduced to a maximum of 180 µmol/m2/sec."


The supervisory committee, occupied by eight growers, will determine the cultivation strategy, in which the boundaries will be explored more emphatically.

3/3 - Growing cucumbers more energy-efficiently under led lighting

What did we learn from our high-wire cucumber cultivation trial?

In the third and final episode of our video trilogy, the end of the trial approaches. So time to share the outcomes. What are the preliminary conclusions? And what can we say about the use of crop protection and the fertilizer strategy? Our specialists are happy to share their insights.


First, Eric Hegger, consultant at Nova Crop Control, takes the floor. Eric tells all about weekly plant sap measurements, fruit analyses and analyses of nutrients in water. Last but not least, what about the nutrient uptake of the cucumbers?

Next, we talk to Remco Bos of Wijnen Square Crops. Remco explains all about the yield prediction based on lighting capacity. We also speak with Roel Hanssen of Mertens. During the trial, Mertens monitors the crop protection strategy, particularly disease and pest control, to keep control of mildew. What is the state of plant health at the end of the trial?

To conclude, we speak to Frank Huijs, project manager at Botany. Do theory and practice match? And the most important question: how much does it cost to grow a cucumber with 10 cubic metres of gas and 100 kW of electricity?

Find all the answers in this video >

2/3 - The first insights from the high-wire cucumber cultivation trial

What about the state of the varieties, the production results, and the energy efficiency?

In the second episode of our video trilogy, we share the stories of a specialist from BASF and several project partners. Marcel Huibers (product development at BASF Vegetable Seeds), Rick Keijsers (sales at Maurice Kassenbouw), and Jan Biemans (climate manager at cucumber grower Tielemans) share the first findings from the trial.


Marcel starts with good news: production results are in line with expectations. But which variety is most suitable for this type of cultivation? And is the trial energy efficient enough to match the unexposed high-wire cultivation in spring?

Rick talks about the realization of the greenhouse with double screen installation and the installation of the air & energy system. This dehumidification system makes it possible to create an active climate with windows and screens closed.

To conclude, Jan explains why the trial is so important for cucumber growers. What can they learn from this trial?

Find all the answers in this video >

1/3 - The start of a new trial for high-wire cucumber cultivation

What does the trial look like?

In the first episode of our new video trilogy, we share the kick-off and setup of the new trial. How can we grow good-quality, year-round cucumbers that are more energy-efficient? Project leader Frank Huijs of trial center Botany and Erik Stappers of lighting expert Signify tell you all about it. 


With this trial, we will examine how to save as much energy as possible by testing three cucumber varieties under different light intensities. How much energy enters the greenhouse? Where does this energy go? And what light intensities have the desired effects?


Find all the answers in this video >

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