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Things look different when you cut the Intense™ tomato: the fruits are full flesh and low in gel.

History of Intense

The Intense trait in tomato has a special origin, showing the innovation and perseverance of our plant breeding. In the early 90’s, a tomato breeder discovered a processing tomato yielding an unattractive fruit that carried a special characteristic: the inside was full of flesh. Recognizing the benefit of such a characteristic, our breeding team invested years of crossings and back crossings to develop the first Intense tomato. In 2007 the first hybrid, Nun 3155, was grown in Almeria, Spain. In the following year, Intense won the innovation awards at Fruit Logistica and PMA.

Ever since this first hybrid we continued to breed for new Intense tomatoes offering improved solutions for food service and food retail.

Various climacteric areas

Intense is an indeterminate fresh market type that is suitable to produce in greenhouses (with and without artificial light), plastic and netted covered production facilities in various climates. This makes it possible to plan stable and reliable year-round production of Intense. The Intense tomato is brought to the market in cooperation with growing partners.

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