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Celebrating 20 Years of Multileaf

2021 will mark the 20th anniversary of Nunhems’ Multileaf lettuce breeding program. Over these 20 years we have built an impressive portfolio with the support of growers, processors, and other partners in the chain. It is time to celebrate this success!

Over the course of 2021, we will celebrate 20 years of Multileaf by sharing success stories and inspiration from various perspectives. Customers and partners will share their knowledge, expertise and insights. Together, we will look into the future of Multileaf lettuce.


Multileaf: from the first program to the future

Multileaf lettuces are versatile and diverse: no wonder it is such a success story all over the world. With various possibilities, fitting different growing systems and a multitude of usages, it can cater to the needs of every market and each consumer. Many colors, shapes, formats, and textures are offered under the Nunhems’ Multileaf brand. Multileaf has truly grown into a global portfolio that is still evolving. Part of this portfolio is formed by MultiTeen, Nunhems answer to more convenience, efficiency and profitability. These teen leaf lettuces are the solution for young, crunchy, high density, and mechanically harvested leafy greens.


We grow together: we celebrate together

2021 will be the year of celebrating the success so far and looking forward to future developments by sharing experiences, and insights. Each quarter of the year will focus on a specific topic around Multileaf lettuces. The first quarter will be about sharing the wonderful stories of the past 20 years. How did we get to this point? And we talk about the transformations that Multileaf as a type and our business have undergone. Our breeders will share their experiences, hurray moments and challenges. We will focus on the versatility and diverse application of Multileaf.


In spring, we will dive deep into consumer perceptions, what they like and dislike about the types and how they see the future. We will also focus on various possibilities with Multileaf, let the best chefs surprise you with their recipes, and talk about how the product meets their needs.


In the summer, it will be time to look at various growing methods, recipes and customer experiences from around the world. Some key topics that we will cover include mechanization, labor challenges, high tech growing methods and how growers and processors experience Multileaf lettuces. For the last part of the celebration year, we will focus on the future of Multileaf. We will share our vision and thoughts about the next 20 years. What will be the new opportunities with Multileaf? How will Multileaf evolve further and how will it meet the changing preferences of consumers?


All in all, we are looking towards a year packed with inspiration, insights and the celebration of the product that brings us all together: Multileaf. Let’s celebrate together. Come join us in celebrating 20 years of Multileaf & discover our journey.