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WIN THE BATTLE against Rugose
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Tomato brown Rugose virus (ToBRFV), also called Rugose, was detected for the first time in Jordan in 2014 and, since then, it has spread to many of the main tomato production areas worldwide. In most countries in Europe and North-America ToBRFV has become a constant and established threat for growers And the whole tomato value chain..

From the early start of the Rugose (ToBRFV) outbreak, BASF has actively sought and offered solutions to growers in battling this virus together. Since providing resistant tomato varieties in 2020, new launches with resistant against ToBRFV are continuously being tested and the first have now become commercial in 2023. These will cover growers’ and market needs even better than before.

The use of resistant varieties combined with hygiene protocols will guarantee a sustainable solution, not only for the grower but also for the supply chain in tomato.


FLAVOR for your customers. FIGHT for you.

The Nunhems® portfolio currently offers a range of ToBRFV-resistant tomato varieties. They all meet the requirements of the different levels of the agri-food value chain. Despite their vitality, productivity and plant health, Nunhems® Rugose resistant varieties do not compromise on crucial aspects such as flavor, color or visual appearance that more than meet todays market demands. Nunhems® Rugose resistant varieties deliver the quality and flavor your customer wants and the Rugose resistance you need. Sometimes you can have it all.

At present, our commercial assortment includes Vitalion* - a cherry round with premium taste adapted to high-tech cultivation in temperate areas around the globe,.

Culturion* - the resistant high yielder in the cherry segment, Marvellion* - a flavorful, red, robust Marvel in the cocktail segment, Starvine* - an appealing cluster middle tomato with resistance and Ronvine - a cluster big tomato which convinces with yield+quality+resistance. Download the ToBRFV resistant assortment brochure for more detailed information.

BASF will continue to introduce new varieties with ToBRFV resistance in different segments that meet the needs of the different growing regions around the world, so together we can win the battle against Rugose.

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