What other crop comes in so many shapes, colors and sizes as melon? Rich in vitamins and minerals, they are also a very tasty and sweet treat for many. People love them especially on hot days due to their refreshing and cooling appeal.

Melons belong to the family Cucurbitaceae – just like cucumber and pumpkins do, for example. Even the ancient Egyptians already grew melons, and seeds have been discovered that indicate that melons already came from Africa and Asia to Europe during the Bronze Age.

BASF Vegetable Seeds has been breeding melons for more than 30 years and is a leader in the melon seeds business. We have 150 varieties active globally on the market, covering Cantaloup Sutured, Cantaloup Non-Sutured, Italian Cantaloup, Charentais, Galia, Ananas, Piel de Sapo & Honey Dew melons.

Melon breeding programs are currently running in Spain, France and United States. The varieties are bred for different parts of the world, taking into account specific regional requirements. Attractive colors, flesh textures and consistent taste are important in breeding. Smaller sizes are also becoming more important targets as consumers are starting to increasingly consider convenience and sustainability.

What’s special about melon: Hardly any other crop is so strongly dependent on the consumer preferences. That’s why our melon breeding needs to be closely connected to the entire value chain to launch new concepts aiming to support the industry increasing business profitability & consumer loyalty, developing melons that people love. 

Galkia melons
Your customers are committed to tasty and high-quality melons? You are committed to offering them a consistent experience year-round? It’s all possible with our Galkia melons