Onions are omnipresent. There’s virtually no country in the world where onions are not among the staple vegetables. They spice up our lives while providing a full load of antioxidants, fibers and other beneficial compounds. Be it raw, sautéed, baked, steamed or boiled: cuisines around the world are unimaginable without onions. And they are one of the oldest crops cultivated by mankind.

It therefore comes as no surprise that BASF Vegetable Seeds has been breeding onions for over 40 years and is selling its seed varieties in over 56 countries throughout the globe. As onions are grown in very large volumes they account for a big part of our business. They are the second most consumed vegetable worldwide after tomato.

BASF Vegetable Seeds is a leader in the onion seeds business. We have almost 50 varieties on the market, covering many segments: short, long, and intermediate day onions, white, yellow, red and other color variations as well as sweet onions. They cater to the needs of growers under various range of geographic and climatic condition.

We breed for important agronomic traits such as better yield, longer storage, stronger disease resistances. An important focus of our onion breeding program is to develop onion that will fit the complex and diversify need of the world of tomorrow.  We believe it is important to address today and tomorrow issue including topic like climate change impact. Thanks to a worldwide network of colleagues and customers sharing information, experience, and know-how, we hope to continue develop many more year, best in class solution for our customers. 

Meet Sunions, the tearless onion
One of the latest innovations in Sunions, an onion that becomes milder during storage and is tearless . This variety is a result of decades of conventional breeding and its success is based on our cooperation with partners along the value chain. Sunions is a prime example of how we are turning our vision of making healthy eating enjoyable and sustainable into reality.