A delicious way to hydrate yourself 

There is probably no other crop that is so much associated with the sweet side of life. When we think of watermelon, we think of summer, of vacation, of happy, easygoing moments with friends and family. That said, the sweet balls have quite a career behind them, considering that watermelon was historically popular in poor countries where access to safe drinking water is scarce. With 95 percent water content, it’s an excellent way to hydrate when little water is available. 

Today, in addition to the traditional big watermelons, there are many high-value segments that cater to the preferences of consumers around the globe. For Nunhems, this means that when breeding watermelon, consumer traits such as size, color, convenience and first and foremost taste are at the center of attention. Needless to say, agronomic traits such as high yield, quality aspects and resistance levels are always important, but no other crop requires such a strong balance with consumer traits as the watermelon.

Big and small – for everyone!

Nunhems is a global leader in breeding innovations for watermelon. Especially in the upcoming segments of mini and midi seedless watermelon, we’ve launched some unique varieties that convince consumers with consistent taste and quality as well as convenient sizes. We are working hand-in-hand with our clients on a number of projects in order to gear our innovations exactly to the kinds of traits that the markets require. 

Our breeding programs are based in the USA, Italy and Spain as well as India, and we maintain production facilities on all continents including Oceania. Altogether, Nunhems sells around 200 different watermelon varieties across the globe – from small and seedless to big and traditional. Our varieties Fashion, Premium, Style, Maxx and the 7000 and 9000 series are among our most important success stories. 


Kisy, the first snack watermelon
Our research into buying habits of consumers revealed an unfulfilled need for a very small watermelon. This triggered our breeders to work towards much smaller fruit sizes, without any sacrifice to the taste and texture qualities also valued by consumers. With a fruit weight of less than 1 kg, Kisy is the first snack watermelon on the market.