5 November 2020


Introduction to HDMH

Hydroponic lettuces that are grown in high densities and being mechanically harvested, create a whole new look on producing, processing and consuming these lovely leafy greens. Even though the growing surface of this cultivation method is still limited globally, it is definitely an investment for the future.


Who isn’t aware about the increasing challenges in availability and cost of labor for vegetable production or about the growing demand for safe, sustainable and inspiring food?

High Density Mechanical harvesting (HDM) of lettuces allows growers a hands-free production, almost completely automated from sowing to harvesting and packaging. By finding the right balance between different plant densities, lettuce types and the quality of the grown product, growers can optimize their production processes, crop management and increase their profitability. HDM allows them to offer a wide range of high quality lettuces, sustainably grown, safe and clean. From red to green and blond colored leaves, crunchy to tender textures and mild to bold flavors those hydroponic lettuces bring everything to retailers and consumers what they are looking for.


Take a look into BASFs Experimental Greenhouse in ‘s-Gravenzande (NL) with our sales colleague Jochim Reybrouck and get to know more about High Density Mechanical Harvesting (HDM) in hydroponic lettuce.