BASF Vegetable Seeds: Your reliable partner in Tomato Processing

Under the brand Nunhems, BASF is your reliable Tomato Processing partner. We understand that every market is unique and needs solutions that are suited to its climates, growing conditions, cultural preferences and industry requirements. 


We work together with partners along the tomato processing value chain and through our innovative breeding and R&D partnerships we try to create best-performing solutions both in the short and long term that cover current and future customer expectations, as we want to become and stay the preferred partner along the tomato processing industry.

Thanks to our wide assortment and experience we ensure reliability and profitability to our customers, creating value to our partners and helping them to grow in their business. 

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Pomodoro da industria 
Un assortimento completo che offre le migliori performance
Tomate de industria
Un surtido completo que ofrece el mejor rendimiento.