Unique solutions for unique markets

As a global company, we understand that every market is unique and needs varieties that are suited to its climates, growing conditions, and cultural preferences. Our global presence has helped us develop a vast network of expertise that we apply to our breeding and innovation to help with customer challenges and requirements that arise now and in the future. 


No doubt. Always delicious!

KUKINO LOGO todo color


A Piel de Sapo melon in an appealing 1 to 2 portion size


The refreshing snack with a crunch


The first snack watermelon


Things look different when you cut the Intense™ tomato

High wire cultivation

Learn more with our white paper series 'The only way is up'

Experimentel Greenhouse for Hydroponic Lettuce

The experimental greenhouse for hydroponic lettuce is located in ‘s-Gravenzande, in the heart of the Westland, the large glasshouse district of the Netherlands.

20 years high-wire cucumbers