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Tomatoes, a cornerstone of global agriculture, are not just a staple in our diets but also a critical segment in the agricultural industry. In this dynamic market, BASF | Nunhems stands out with versatile solutions for all different segments and the multitude of challenges that growers face.


Our portfolio is highly regarded when it comes to ToBRFV-resistant tomato varieties. They all meet the requirements of the different levels of the agri-food value chain. Despite their good marks in vitality, productivity, and plant health, Nunhems® Rugose resistant varieties do not compromise on crucial consumer aspects such as flavor, color or visual appearance.


BASF | Nunhems will continue to introduce new varieties with ToBRFV resistance in different segments that meet the needs of the different growing regions around the world, so together we can win the battle against Rugose.

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Our offering

We are experts in all segments. For high-tech we offer varieties suited for controlled environments like greenhouses, prioritizing traits like uniform growth, disease resistance, and suitability for mechanized harvesting. Key focus traits for mid-tech are the same as in High-tech: resistances, yield, quality produce (appearance and/or taste) but plants need to adapt to different conditions while in HT the environment is more controlled. 


All in all, we offer over 200 tomato varieties, including top sellers: 

  • Vitalion, Ronvine for High-tech production 
  • Azovian , Blindon, Freezon, Brovian  in the saladette segment
  • Cabosur for cluster tomatoes
  • Mohikan for single  winter for Mid tech production  


And newcomers for mid-tech productions in new segments like  

  • Starsafe in cluster long cycle tomatoes in Turkey  
  • Tobriva for cluster tomatoes in Morocco 
  • Caboluna for cluster & single harvest tomatoes  
  • Miravian for saladette export 
  • Daivion for cherry round cluster harvest  
  • Avrion for cherry plum single harvest 
  • Siurion for cherry plum single harvest  
  • Dreampower for rootstock tomato
  • XIdejia and Xiderui for China Pink Autumn-Spring segment single harvest  
  • The new Intense 9399 saladette tomato




Expo Agroalimentaria 2024

Discover our Tomato Experience Center in Kwintsheul, the Netherlands

Immerse yourself in the world of over 150 ToBRFV-resistant tomato varieties in our Tomato Experience Center in the Netherlands. The Center offers a unique platform for customers to explore, test, and showcase these innovative varieties grown in high-tech conditions. Taste, slice, and experience firsthand the exceptional flavors and textures that our tomatoes have to offer. Our Tomato Experience Center also features modern meeting facilities, providing a space for strategic discussions and collaboration opportunities.


Curious to see the impact of our solutions firsthand? Join us at the Tomato Experience Center and be inspired by our passion for innovation and top-notch quality in the tomato business.

I choose Vitalion because it combines both the best quality in the market and provides us security because of ToBRFV resistance. At Stoffels we will not compromise on taste, that is always in the lead. And with Vitalion we found a premium cherry on the vine variety which is superb in taste and appearance. We’re also very pleased with the collaboration with BASF.

Paul Stoffels

Stoffels Tomatoes, Belgium

Contact for more information about the assortment:

Josue Samano Monroy
Sales Specialist UK
Rolf Westerholm
Sales Specialist Nordics