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The Nunhems® portfolio currently offers a range of Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus(ToBRFV)-resistant tomato varieties. They all meet the needs of the different steps of the agri-food value chain. In addition to offering vitality, productivity, and plant health, Nunhems® Rugose-resistant varieties do not compromise on crucial aspects such as flavor, color, and visual appearance.  These varieties more than meet today’s market demands; Nunhems® Rugose-resistant varieties deliver the quality and flavor your customer wants and the Rugose resistance you need. Sometimes you can have it all.

Our current commercial assortment includes Vitalion*, a cherry round with premium flavor profile, and Ronvine*, a Large Tomato on the Vine. Both Vitalion* and Ronvine* have demonstrated great results and performance under virus pressure, delivering high quality and yield not only in North America, but around the globe. 

Other promising trial varieties for introduction in 2023 in North America are on the way. BASF will continue to introduce new varieties with ToBRFV resistance in different segments that meet the needs of the different growing regions around the world, so together we can win the battle against Rugose.

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Síntomas planta y fruto rugoso.png

The virus can attack at any stage or productive part of the crop. Young leaves are usually the first to show signs and symptoms of infection. Symptoms can include: discoloration, spotting, green areas with wrinkles and wilting. 

As for the fruit, discolorations also appear on the interior of the tomato as the virus dehydrates the exterior. 

Disinfection will be fundamental for the prevention of spreading the Rugose Virus. Upholding preventitive guidelines with our crop can help the industry avoid the contagion or spread of the virus.

We have provided some best practices to help with the prevention of ToBRFV spread.

Shaan Tsai
Senior Account Manager

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