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BASF's Vegetable Seeds Business

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Your global partner in providing solutions for enjoyable and sustainable healthy eating.

BASF's Vegetable Seeds Business, featuring the Nunhems brand, offers more than vegetable seeds. We offer partnerships and customer-oriented solutions for the entire vegetable value chain including growers, processors, plant raisers, dealers, traders, retailers and food service industry – tailored to consumer needs and trends.

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We understand that consumers want the best flavor and nutrition from a source that cares about people and the planet. As the world continues to change, we approach every day as a new opportunity to build on existing best practices while always searching for new ways to provide responsibly produced vegetables, from seed to table. 
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As a global company, we understand that every market is unique and needs varieties that are suited to its climates, growing conditions, and cultural preferences.

Our global presence has helped us develop a vast network of expertise that we apply to our breeding and innovation as well as to help with customer challenges and requirements that arise now and in the future. 


July 22, 2024

Our discovery of the ToBRFV genome – the foundation for today’s resistant varieties

By Marco Mammella
July 17, 2024

From niche to normal: the rise of snack-sized tomatoes

April 11, 2024

BASF | Nunhems opens Tomato Experience Center in The Netherlands 

Today BASF | Nunhems has officially opened its Tomato Experience Center in Kwintsheul, near The Hague. The greenhouse features over 150 ToBRFV- resistant varieties. It is complemented by modern meeting facilities to showcase the company’s ToBRFV-resistant tomato varieties and exchange with customers on their needs, BASF’s innovations and trends in tomato breeding. 
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The vegetable value chain brings great insights and knowledge. Based on their needs and feedback we can provide expert advice and knowledge, reliable varieties, profitable concepts and sustainable solutions.