Smart Excellence in Seed Supply

In BASF Vegetable Seeds Operations, we are committed to supply seeds to all our customers at agreed performance levels and time.  

Operations needs to manage the full scope of the vegetable seeds markets:

  • Premium crops in which we are innovation driven and manage a small volume, but have high requirements for quality and flexibility
  • Basic crops in which we have a broad portfolio with many varieties and high volume
  • Other crops with a limited number of varieties, high volume and a focus on efficiency

Next to these, we manage our Criticals: many small seed lots essential for our internal processes, which require a fast throughput to ensure our speed to market. We need to treat these segments differently in order to meet the needs of our various customers. This is not just supported by our Production department, but also by continuous improvement and development of new methodology in our Quality Assurance and Seed Processing departments. 

Digitalization and ‘Seedsmanship’

In Operations, we recognize digitalization as an essential development to continue to manage our processes well and to make better, data-driven decisions in all departments.

This is balanced by a need to have a high level of ‘Seedsmanship’: Operations employees who understand seed and know how their work contributes to the quality of our valuable products. 

Sustainability and Development

We aim to continuously develop the skills and ‘Seedsmanship’ of our employees. However, we are also committed to sustainable production – and not just with a zero tolerance towards child labor.

We develop new production systems. In modern, indoor and high-tech environments, but also in low-tech settings we collaborate with colleagues from Research & Development and Marketing & Sales to develop new solutions for sustainable, reliable and labor-saving production.