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BASF's Vegetable Seeds Business, under the Nunhems brand, offers more than vegetable seeds.

We offer partnerships and customer-oriented solutions for the entire vegetable value chain including growers, processors, plant raisers, dealers, traders, retailers and food service industry – tailored to consumer needs and trends.

In collaboration with our partners we are eager to improve our vegetable varieties and solutions for our customers, consumers, and the vegetable value chain worldwide. 

All around the world, more than 500 million consumers enjoy vegetables grown from our seeds daily. Our portfolio features 24 vegetable and fruit crops, with 1200 commercialized varieties worldwide guaranteed to fit our growers needs. With around 2000 employees in 37 countries we are highly motivated to make healthy eating enjoyable and sustainable. 

To achieve this, we have three focus areas on which our business is based: 

Our focus areas


Latest news

July 22, 2024

Our discovery of the ToBRFV genome – the foundation for today’s resistant varieties

By Marco Mammella
July 17, 2024

From niche to normal: the rise of snack-sized tomatoes

April 11, 2024

BASF | Nunhems opens Tomato Experience Center in The Netherlands 

Today BASF | Nunhems has officially opened its Tomato Experience Center in Kwintsheul, near The Hague. The greenhouse features over 150 ToBRFV- resistant varieties. It is complemented by modern meeting facilities to showcase the company’s ToBRFV-resistant tomato varieties and exchange with customers on their needs, BASF’s innovations and trends in tomato breeding.