GALKIA, the result of BASF’s collaboration along the vegetable value chain

A healthier harvest by creating color, taste and aroma in one perfect melon package.

The challenge to farmers has always been harvesting melons at the exact right moment in order to deliver a quality product to the retailer. Often the melon is left in the field for too short or too long and is then no longer appealing. End consumers expect top quality produce, all year round, which is what retailers are aiming to deliver.


In order to optimize harvest time and yield, plus answer the demands of the retailer who always put the needs of their customer first required a true partnership.

BASF  teamed up with a group of Galia melon growers to develop a truly unique melon that visually indicates the perfect time for harvesting by changing skin color, the ripeness indicator. Not only was this of huge help to farmers who could optimize their harvest, but also to the retailer who could offer a perfect product to the end consumer, with better taste.


The process of developing the GALKIA Melon started when we placed the consumer at the center of our thinking. We listened to retail insights into consumer demand and understood that by increasing the taste profile and developing a premium product, in terms of flavor, aroma and of course it’s overall appearance, we could help leading retailers, such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Marks & Spencer increase sales of melons.


The value chain had previously placed an emphasis on shelf life which meant traditional Galia flavored melons were unviable versus the long shelf life varieties. End consumer needs such as aroma, taste and pleasure were not being answered. With this is mind BASF and the group of Galia growers set about creating a Galia melon type with aroma and taste as the key USPs knowing that this would entice the Galia connoisseur at the point of purchase.


The GALKIA line ultimately brought back the traditional Galia experience, delivering a medium shelf life (versus the old short shelf life) – a clear win for the whole chain. The ease of harvest for growers – identifiable at clear harvest points by color and finally a Galia line that redelivers that unique Galia taste and aroma which was becoming lost in the market.

The GALKIA line includes more varieties to extend the season and cover availability needs.  


Availability, size, color, aroma and taste consistency means end consumers repeat purchase and with GALKIA we now see the Galia market moving forwards again as the end consumer has access to the fruit and vegetables people love.

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Nasir Ahmed

Consumer & Customer Manager

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