Valstar and BASF join the movement for a better tomorrow

For any collaboration to be truly successful it takes two willing partners that see the benefit in sharing often sensitive information and hard-earned knowledge, coupled with the belief that two or more members of the vegetable value chain coming together can take both parties further and answer the needs of both the retailer and their customers.


Open dialogue was key to creating a set of viable solutions for Intense tomatoes. Combining the market leading strengths of Valstar and the drive, ambition and innovative thinking of BASF enabled the team to fine-tune real world solutions that had a positive impact on the business and answered the very real needs of the end consumers who love vegetables.

The trust and bond that was built between the teams during these co-creation sessions has led on to projects for supply, branding and packaging design for Intense tomatoes and to more sessions for other crops, to be handled in a similar way.

If you’d like to find out more about our collaboration, or maybe even team up with BASF and join the movement for a better tomorrow, contact us today.

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Consumer & Customer Manager, Benelux/Germany

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