Minigustos, the refreshing snack with a crunch

We have developed Minigustos especially for consumers who are looking for refreshing and crunchy snack cucumbers. Minigustos development focused on trends driven by generation X and millennials’ wishes for a healthy lifestyle and smarter eating.  

They use apps and online resources to track training data and find the healthiest foods. Consumers are interested in healthier snacks and willing to spend money on compelling food brands.

Minigustos snack cucumbers come along with a specific packaging which extends the shelf life of the fruits and ensures a fresh and crunchy taste up to 12 days after harvesting. This is achieved by a special micro-perforation which allows the cucumbers to breathe, preventing both mold and drying out.

We aim for continuous improvement to existing and future products that will offer solutions for consumer demands. Therefore, we continue to breed for snack size fruits and smaller.

For more details on Minigustos please contact us.