Beyond Seeds: Your Partner in Performance

In high-tech crop production – whether it’s cucumbers, tomatoes, or lettuce – superior genetics are just the starting point. At BASF Nunhems, our mission extends beyond producing world-class seeds. We engage in expert partnerships that support growth from seeding to harvest. By adopting a holistic approach to agriculture, we ensure strong plants and consistent outputs. We achieve this by deeply understanding growers' needs, providing expert technical advice, and leveraging data-driven and AI-driven insights.


And we’re not alone. Our global network of greenhouse technology leaders opens doors to a wealth of collective expertise, tackling both today’s and tomorrow's challenges in high-tech crop production (CEA). Together, we push the limits by innovating for energy efficiency, productivity, and optimal crop growth. Let our network become your network. And let us serve as your guide to becoming world-class in glass.


While we might produce the best seeds in the world, our commitment doesn’t end there. We are dedicated to being your partner in performance, ensuring that your crops – and your business – thrive. Discover how our seeds, expertise, and passion for growth can transform your crops and your results.

Visit the BASF | Nunhems High-tech Experience Centers

Discover our Tomato Experience Center in Kwintsheul, the Netherlands

Immerse yourself in the world of over 150 ToBRFV-resistant tomato varieties in our Tomato Experience Center in the Netherlands. The Center offers a unique platform for customers to explore, test, and showcase these innovative varieties grown in high-tech conditions. Taste, slice, and experience firsthand the exceptional flavors and textures that our tomatoes have to offer. Our Tomato Experience Center also features modern meeting facilities, providing a space for strategic discussions and collaboration opportunities.


Curious to see the impact of our solutions firsthand?
Join us at the Tomato Experience Center and be inspired by our passion for innovation and top-notch quality in the tomato business.

More information about our ToBRFV resistant tomatoes ->

Hydroponic Lettuce Innovation Center 

At our Hydroponic Lettuce Innovation Center you can view the demonstration trials of the Nunhems assortment of whole head  and Teenleaf lettuce varieties for hydroponic production, in both deep water culture growing system (DWC) and on mobile gutters (NFT), happening alongside our daily breeding activities. This is unique in the world! 

In our state-of-the-art  facilities, we perform high-quality tests on the different cultivation systems and a large range of varieties. We use data-driven cultivation and autonomous growing to maximize opportunities offered by technology and by defining new ways to grow vegetables that  suit your end markets.

It is an inspiring environment for selecting what to grow next season and providing you fresh ideas, such as the Nunhems multicolor mixes with fresher colors and a longer harvest window. Not to forget Nunhems Teen leaf lettuces which combine efficiency, convenience, and creativity.


Discover for yourself which varieties are the best fit for your company, cultivation method and your customers and come visit us at our Lettuce Innovation Center in ‘s-Gravenzande.

More information about our lettuce varieties ->

Highwire Cucumber Experience Center for Data Driven Growing

In the BASF | Nunhems Experience Center for data driven highwire cucumber cultivation growers, consultants, and other interested parties can join to explore the latest Nunhems variety innovations for the cucumber market. 

Additionally you can follow the progress of our trials in data driven highwire cucumber growing for year-round crops. You will learn about the importance of plant registration, how genetics influence crop behavior and labor needs, and which tools are used to steer the crop in the most optimal way, based on data.


Are you getting excited, and do you want to see and learn more about our data driven highwire cucumber cultivation trials in person?
Join us at our Cucumber Experience Center in ‘s-Gravenzande. 

More information about data driven cucumber cultivation ->

Our High-tech Experience Centers can be visited on appointment only.
Please contact our crop sales specialists for more information or to make an appointment.

Josue Samano Monroy
Sales Specialist UK
Rolf Westerholm
Sales Specialist Nordics


BASF Nunhems Tomato Experience Center

Bovendijk 67-A
2295 RX Kwintsheul
the Netherlands

BASF Nunhems Hydroponic Lettuce Innovation Center

Noordlandseweg 54
2691 HM  's-Gravenzande
the Netherlands

BASF Nunhems Highwire Cucumber Experience Center

Noordlandseweg 54
2691 HM  's-Gravenzande
the Netherlands