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BASF Vegetable seeds celebrates 10 years anniversary of carrot variety Romance F1

In 2011 it was the start of a revolution in the carrot market, nowadays it is used in many markets and countries around the world. This development would not have been possible without the help from all our customers. Together we have acquired a great deal of knowledge. During the year 2020-2021 BASF will communicate about the anniversary of Romance from different perspectives.

Founding of Romance

The breeding basis of Romance was laid in the 90s of the last century. Selection for high quality root characteristics became more and more important. But it was not easy to meet all market needs. For Southern Europe conditions foliage resistance was key while the Northern markets required a variety strong enough against the breaking and splitting.

Robert Oostveen, Senior Carrot Breeder at the BASF Vegetable Seeds, remembers well when he saw the hybrid for the first time. Oostveen: “It was in October 2004 in Les Landes, Southern France. It caught my eye because of the very uniform and dark orange cylindrical roots”.

Positive experiences

Ten years after the introduction, Romance has acquired its position in the carrot market. Customers have recognized the qualities, according to the positive experiences over the years. Hans Kole, Product Development Specialist for carrots at BASF Vegetable Seeds, explains why customers are satisfied. “Romance is flexible in different growing conditions, suitable for various market demands and reliable in their production fields throughout the last ten years.”

Passion for carrots

BASF Vegetable Seeds emphasizes that this success would be impossible without the help of customers and other parties. BASF is thankful to everyone who has contributed with passion to this development.

This passion for carrots is unlimited. It’s implicit in every aspect of our daily work. Our passion is evident in our extensive and expanding knowledge about carrots and in the unique way that we all work together. It reaches through the roots to the tip of the industry. And it is what consumers can taste in the carrots grown from our seeds.


Join us in celebrating 10 years of Romance.

Romance for everyone, Passion everywhere!

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