Our people and society

We act responsible towards our employees and society.

We respect international labor and social standards, which we have embedded in our global Code of Conduct. We have different Corporate Social Responsibility activities supporting smallholder farmers and their communities. We join forces to generate a bigger impact on societal aspects in relation to our sector. We promote diversity, equality and inclusion in all countries. 

BASF and Syngenta join forces with Arisa to address labor standards in the vegetable seeds sector in India
BASF and Syngenta joined hands in a multistakeholder collaboration called Wage Improvements in Seed Hybrids (WISH). During the next four years, the companies will collaborate with Arisa.
World Water Day reminds us of the hidden treasure of groundwater
Many water initiatives around the globe underline BASF’s vegetable seeds business commitment to saving water, proper wastewater treatment and improved access to clean water for our communities – not only on World Water Day.

Our focus areas

For us sustainability is not only something we are obliged to do. Sustainability to us is a key differentiator in our industry. We instantly make sure that sustainability is integrated in our organization. 
Our suppliers
We not only optimize our own operations, we also make sure that our suppliers follow the same principles.
Our customers
Our products help our customers to become more sustainable.
Our operations
We save energy, reduce plastics, minimize emissions and use cleaner energy wherever possible.